Social action / Humanitarian

Association whose mission is to fight poverty and social exclusion by bringing concrete help to people in need.
- Support to the "Voie 2" program, an educational training program for young excluded people to help them find a place in the professional world.

Carrefour Rue
Private social help association for homeless and destitute people.
- The Foundation paid the annual rent of the association’s administrative center, the villa Baulacre, for three years.
- Participation in the ongoing project of creating a prefab house village for the homeless.

Au Cœur des Grottes
Hostel for the homeless with psychosocial help for women, alone or with children, momentarily in a precarious situation.
- Financial support in partnership with the Sesam Foundation.

Solidarité Femmes
Association founded in 1977 whose mission is to bring psychosocial and therapeutic help to women who are victims of domestic violence and to their children, as well as to increase the people’s general awareness of these problems.
- Support to the awareness campaign about domestic violence, via informative adverts shown in the cinema, in partnership with the Sesam Foundation.

Central food distribution centre created in 2005, which daily collects, selects and stocks food products supplied by 260 companies to redistribute them free of charge to the associations and social services members.
- Financial support in partnership with the Sesam Foundation.

La Barje

Association founded in 2004, aiming at reinforcing social links between the Geneva citizens as well as giving them the possibility to benefit again from formerly neglected public places.
- Support to the "Training" part of the "Young people" project, a social & professional programme to integrate young people in difficult situations.

Bureau d'Aide Sociale de Genève(BCAS)
This foundation helps young people, adults and families living in Geneva who are going through particularly difficult situations.
- Financial support.

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