Education / Scientific Research:

Teaching Eye Surgery (TES) Foundation

Humanitarian Swiss foundation active in the field of ophthalmology, whose foremost aim is the transfer of medical and surgical skills in association with the Geneva University Hospital doctors.
- Support to the action regarding the treatment of serious ophthalmic diseases, Mauritius - Indian Ocean.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Suisse
This international independent humanitarian medical organisation provides emergency help to populations without access to any health care, affected by armed conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters.
- Support to the project fighting the "Buruli Ulcer", an orphan disease whose modes of transmission and evolution are not very well known and implies more research, in collaboration with specialists from the Geneva University Hospitals.

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
In addition to its foremost mission which is teaching at an academic level, the EPFL also ensures research and partnership.
- Within the framework of the School of Life Sciences, within the Global Health Institute, support to research about the "Hyaline fibromatosis syndrome" (HSF), a rare genetic child disease.

Fondation Insuleman – HUG -
Created in 2000, the Insuleman Foundation is a non-profit-making, publicly recognised institution. It aims at federating and promoting research on diabetes and finding financial support contributing to the funding of this research.
- Funding for the project « Transplantation d’îlots de donneurs chimériques avec pancréas développé "sur mesure" pour le receveur ». Professors Philippe Morel and Christian Toso. This research lies within the general framework of the fight against type 1 diabetes, which affects children and teenagers and, in case of transplantation, aims at compensating the lack of organs by resorting to other cellular sources, such as pancreas cells providing people with insulin.

Unité d’onco-dermatologie de l’HUG

At present there are no effective cures for melanoma, a potentially deadly cutaneous cancer. Geneva is the most affected canton in Switzerland. The aim of the study is to show the effect of a treatment using beta-blockers (well tolerated and inexpensive) on the recurrence of the melanoma and on the long-term survival of the patients.
- « Project of utilisation of beta-blockers as adjunctive therapy against melanoma ». PD Dr. Frédérique-Anne Le Gal


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